This short article places emphasis on the main reason for having an alarm system in place. While focusing on the obvious security aspect, key characteristics of what constitutes a good installation are briefly outlined. Now, the obvious motivation for having a car alarm system installed in the first place has to do with the vehicle’s security, not so?

No matter where you drive, what you use the vehicle for, no matter the make/model and even the age of the vehicle, the oft-used automobile remains prized among the world’s car thieves.

No matter where you drive, no matter what time of the day, perhaps especially at night, and no matter where you park the car, even in your own driveway, you and your car are always at risk. And these days, the more popular the model, the more advanced it is, the more attractive it will be to car theft syndicates.

So, just to emphasize, the more attractive and advanced the car is, the better the car alarm should always be. Ask your insurance company for the latest stats and you will soon see where your car stands in the pecking order among thieves.

The key characteristics of the best car alarm system include a keyless entry, a starter kill function, the installation of full vehicle sensors and the remote start capability.

car alarm systemcharacteristics of the best car alarm system

With keyless entry, thieves and carjackers lose their ability to break into locks. Not being able to break into a car for starters also prevents them from even hotwiring your engine. But rejects with a fetish for automobiles are now submitting their resumes to more sophisticated syndicates surely? But will they be able to get around the starter kill function? Because the moment a car alarm goes off the engine dies immediately.

You are notified when your car’s alarm goes off. And when it does, you can activate ‘starter kill’. No hotwiring this engine then. Better run off and try another block. But should smart aleck thieves be able to get away with quietly towing your car away, your full vehicle sensor will notify you of this. Consequently, you can notify the cops and both you and law enforcement can monitor and trace every movement your car makes.

Finally, both you and your insurance company will always love the remote start function. Apart from the fact that you are able to start the vehicle without being inside of it, it can look after your engine and help save on the gas during cold winter months and hot summers respectively.

Needless to say, in order to ensure that your car is safe from thieves and subsequent engine failures, you should always be focusing on security aspects when giving due consideration to having a remote car starter or new radio system installed. And a car insurance underwriter should be able to apprize you of what system will work best for you in lieu of personal and area circumstances, apart from the car’s make/model and status on the proverbial hit and run list.