If your car or truck’s fuel supply is not correctly managed, a whole host of things could go wrong, many of which you may not even notice until at least such time that the damage has already been done. And really, when you want keep your vehicles on the road without downtime and expend its fuel economy as far as possible, that’s just unacceptable. And there are simply no excuses. There are a number of very basic things you can and should be doing to ensure that your car’s use of fuel is not wasted.

fuel economy

For one thing, you need to keep it out of the sun as far as possible when it is not in use and standing still. If it’s not parked in a garage, make sure that it has its own car port. And if the logistics really are that challenging, you can purchase a sheet cover purposely built for protecting your car’s exteriors, and interiors, as well as it’s under the bonnet fuel supply. Also, the quality of fuel you use and the rate at which you use it, can have a negative impact on the vehicle’s capabilities. There are subtle signs that you notice.

Brake pads will squeal or grind every time you press on the foot pedal. Car tires get worn down a lot quicker. And the car’s electrical workings and battery connections could be impacted as well. Speaking of battery use, new models from famous auto manufacturers are being released every year. And they are running only on battery. The challenge with this is that there are simply not enough battery fueling stations around to make this sustainable and fuel saving initiative feasible and convenient.

But it is possible to refine your fuel supply while improving its quality by looking no further than bio-fuel and the like.